Pool Tips for you Pet

Do you own a pool and your pet loves jumping in on the family fun?

Swimming with your pet can be a lot of fun but there are some safety tips especially for new swimmers that you want to always remember.

For new swimmers you want to remember not all dogs can naturally swim. Ease them into swimming and help them learn if it does not come naturally.  Make sure you show them how to safely get in and out of the pool.

For the timid swimmer you can purchase a doggy life jacket to help ease them into the fun of swimming.

dog in water

Try not to let your pet drink the chlorinated water while in and around the pool.

Lastly never leave your pet unsupervised around the pool!

Here are some games/toys for those advanced swimming pets!

Taking your pets favorite game of fetch to the water is fun and easy.  Make sure you are using a toy that floats and doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pool. We currently have some fun colorful beach balls and surfboards toys for dogs that float and would be perfect for that poolside game of fetch!

surf board beach balls

Are the kids in the pool with the dog? Have them play “monkey in the middle” with one of the dogs floating toys. This game is fun for the whole family.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, diving board tricks! Does your dog love to jump into the pool? If so you can teach them to jump off the diving board and do some great tricks. They can jump through a hula hoop at the end of the diving board, they can jump and catch a toy in the air before hitting the water, the options are endless!

Whatever you do with your pet in the pool this summer remember to always have fun!