Daycare Update

To our valued daycare clients,

We want to first thank you for your patience and understanding while we have worked through the many changes COVID-19 has presented our practice. We are excited to be able to start offering services again, but like many businesses this will not look the same as it did before. We have made the exciting decision to launch reservation based curbside daycare starting Monday, July 20th! This will be in a reduced capacity verses what we have previously been able to provide. We hope and plan to increase our capacity as time and staffing allows. The reservation-based system will stay in place moving forward.

What has changed?

  • Reservations are required! Due to staffing and overcrowding we will be limiting the number of dogs in daycare. Reservations are now required to be made 24 hours in advance. To make a reservation simply call 610-527-3484.
  • Cancelation and no-show fee. Due to the limited capacity we will be instituting a no show/cancelation fee of $10 for cancellations without 24-hour notice or any missed reservations.
  • All daycare pets will be received and discharged curbside at our daycare tent. Drop off will be available in the mornings from 7:45-9am and pick up will be available from 4-6pm.
  • All additional services must be requested at time of reservation. We will not be able to honor any requests to add on same day services (such as bathing) when dropping off.

What is staying the same?

  • That we love and miss your dogs! We cannot wait to see all of them again soon!
  • We still require that all pets have some form of ID, either on their collars or on name tags. This is required for your pet to attend daycare.
  • Bi-Annual negative fecal exams are required to enter daycare. If your dog is due for a fecal exam, please drop off a fecal 1 day prior to your reservation to allow time to receive results back. If you are unsure if your dog is due, please call the office.
  • We can update any required vaccines for our medical patients while here for daycare (remember to request this at the time of reservation). Any pets receiving care at other veterinary hospitals must have their pet’s services updated prior to returning to daycare.

We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces and wagging tails soon!


The doctors and team at Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital