Pet Medication

• Prescription Medications
• Flea and Tick Prevention
• Heartworm Prevention
• Dental Hygene (including toothpaste, brushes and oral rinse)
• Medicated Shampoos
• Medicated Ear Cleansers

In our hospital, we offer a full pharmacy for your pet’s needs. This makes it more convenient to be able to pick up all your pet’s prescriptions at one place and you don’t have to wait for a script to be called in to another pharmacy. Another advantage is we carry medications that are only used specifically for animals and not sold in other pharmacies. We also offer promotional savings for products when available.

Dental Products for Main Line Pets

Not only can medications help treat a current illness your pet has, but we also offer products to help prevent future health problems. We carry dental hygiene products ranging from chew toys, food, toothpaste, and mouth rinse. Just like in people, in our pets a healthy mouth helps maintain a healthy heart. The best way to take care of your pet’s mouth is to brush his or her teeth on a daily basis. We carry pet-friendly and flavored toothpaste as well as small toothbrushes that can reach into even the tiniest mouths. There are other options that can help reduce dental disease as well. Try our AquaDent water additive- just add it to your pet’s water bowl! Other toys and treats can help mimic a tooth brush by rubbing against teeth while your pet chews. One option is the C.E.T. Hextra Dental Chews that have a patented formula with chlorhexidine, an antiseptic that is safe to consume. Don’t forget, even with all the products that help slow down dental disease, your pet should still see the veterinarian yearly to determine if a dental procedure is needed.

Shampoos and Ear Cleansers

Medicated shampoos and ear cleansers can help keep your pet’s skin healthy. Infected ears or itchy skin can be very uncomfortable for your pet. Some animals are predisposed to chronic skin and/or ear infections. Maintenance prescriptions can help, like Pharmaseb ear cleaner. Does your pet get dry and itchy skin? Our calming sprays and shampoos can help to soothe and re-moisturize your pets’ skin. Did Buddy get too close to that skunk? Not to worry, we also carry deodorizing shampoos and scented sprays.

Main Line Heartworm Prevention

Dogs and cats are susceptible to pesky bugs and the diseases they carry, regardless of your home environment. Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes and the larvae enter the bloodstream and collect in the heart. Heartworms are a serious and potential life threatening disease. An easy and safe way to prevent adult heartworms is by giving your pet heartworm prevention every month, year round. Most heartworm prevention medications also deworm your pet for intestinal parasites. We carry a broad range of heartworm prevention products to fit all pets.

Flea and Tick Prevention on the Main Line

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that will attach to your pet any chance they get. Fleas can give your cat or dog tapeworms, an intestinal parasite. Ticks can carry multiple diseases which can potentially lead to serious health concerns. Apply a flea and tick product every 4 weeks to prevent these pesky bugs from attaching to your pet! Pick up one of our options for flea and tick control today.

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