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Dr. Graham Righi is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Class of 2023). Graham is native to the west coast, growing up in Phoenix, AZ, and traveled to the east coast after high school to complete his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Williams College in 2013. After graduating, Graham moved to Philadelphia and worked in a variety of industries, ultimately working as a veterinary technician before embarking on the path to become a veterinarian. In 2018 Graham completed his medical post-baccalaureate degree at Northwestern University and was subsequently accepted into the PennVet program in 2019 where he earned his veterinary degree. As a recent graduate, Graham is eager to expand his skills and develop meaningful relationships with his clients.

Graham has always had a deep love for animals, but his passion for veterinary medicine was sparked by the environment in which he worked as a veterinary technician. Each day was unique due to the diversity and complexity of medical conditions, and the active nature of the veterinary field was better suited for him. After his first day of work in a general practice, Graham knew that he wanted to become a veterinarian and has pursued that path ever since.

Graham and his wife, Katy, have a 1 year old daughter and are expecting a second daughter in early fall. Additionally, Graham and his family have a slightly pudgy Pomeranian named Titus who is very spoiled, but a good boy. In his free time (of which there is little), Graham enjoys working on a variety of small tactile projects like puzzles, constructing birdhouses, and home maintenance. He also likes playing late-night video games if he gets the chance.

“Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy” - Teddy Roosevelt / Bob Kelso, M.D.