Cats Rule, Dogs Drool… Cat Exclusive Specials This Month!

This month we want to focus on our furry feline friends more than ever. Whether you are worried about stressing your kitty out by a trip to the vets office, have health concerns, need nutritional support or are just looking for some fresh new cat-approved toys we have got you covered!

  • We will be featuring a feline-only examination room to help reduce the stress your cat may experience by trips out of the house. Not only will this exam room be equipped with feliway pheromone scents to help ease any anxiety your cat may experience but it will also have soft comfortable blankets and kitty caves for them to feel comfortable and secure in.
  • Did you know cats are known for hiding illnesses, especially chronic conditions like kidney disease, dental disease, and heart disease. It is hard for pet owners to see physical signs that something may be off with their loved feline companion. Early detection and treatment of diseases can greatly improve the overall health and well-being of your cat. We are offering a complete blood count, chemistry panel, and thyroid level test for all of our feline patients at a discounted cost of $120 which is a savings of $45.00.
  • Not sure what the right food is for your kitty? With so many options out there it can be overwhelming. We are here to help with nutritional counseling to help you find the right food specifically for your cat. If it so happens that a prescription diet is recommended for your cat we have a limited amount of savings books to offer on a first come first serve base, with loads of savings these books will go fast so be sure to secure your today!
Cat with lizard
  • Lastly but certainly not least is probably the most fun feline special this month. We have loaded up on fresh, new and exciting toys just for cats! We have toys to help your cat exercise, avoid boredom, and toys that will allow you to interact with your cat for hours on end. All feline toys will be 10% off this month, be sure to stop in and surprise your kitty with something new!