Surgical Services


Preparing for Spaying Surgery

Surgical Services

• Spay
• Neuter
• Declaws
• Skin cyst and tumor removal
• Excisional biopsy
• Cystotomy
• Abdominal exploratory
• Luxating patella repair
• ACL repair

Spaying and Neutering

Our veterinarians are experienced in a broad range of surgical procedures. Monitoring Vitals after Neuter surgeryWe do surgeries daily including spaying and neutering which address reproductive disorders in both male and female pets. For example, spaying or neutering reduces the risk of ovarian, breast, and uterine cancer in female pets, and testicular and prostate cancer in male pets. Spaying and neutering dogs and cats also curtails the development of aggressive and dominant behavior.

Other Surgeries

We also offer soft tissue surgical procedures that improve your pet’s health and comfort. Orthopedic repairs are an advanced surgical procedure to repair bone and ligament damage. Most of these surgeries can be performed by our veterinarians including patella luxation and cruciate injuries. If these repairs are extreme, your pet may be referred to a board certified orthopedic surgeon.

We provide a full range of pre- surgical testings. Pre-anesthetic safety checks are done prior to surgery to identify and minimize any risks.

Our surgical suite and separate dental suite are both equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Your pet will be monitored closely by our well-trained surgical team. They will have an EKG machine to monitor the electrical activity of the heart as well as a pulse oximeter to measure the percent of oxygen in their blood and count pulse rate.

Post-op, your pets will continue to receive the best care to insure their comfort. Your pet will recover from their surgical procedure in a heated recovery cage as well as receive medication to control and minimize surgical pain. We believe that managing your pets pain is essential in their healing process.

Trained nurse in our surgical suite

Surgical Guidelines

• No food after 8pm the night before
• Water is OK
• Drop off the morning of surgery between 7:45-9:00am
• Bloodwork & ECG can be performed same-day

Veterinary Surgical Equipment