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Helped us through the period when our cat, Roxy, had to be put to sleep with compassion and kindness. It was an extremely difficult time for us and they helped us so much. They were also fantastic during the regular checkup times too. They ensured we were aware of rebates for our cat’s medicine and they we could pickup refills with little to no issues on with a quick turnaround. Thank you all for everything.

Ian F.
March 2017

I’ve been taking my April (Bichon) to Bryn Mawr Vet for the past 13 years. LOVE the entire staff! Very caring and compassionate. Since she is my first dog, I had no idea what to expect. Thank you for all you do!!! She is very well taking care of!

Karen H.
March 2017

BMV is the best, period. Incredible doctors, staff and techs go out of their way and do everything possible to give the very best care. We travel and have seen other “best vets”- not one could hold a candle to Bryan Mawr Vet.

Virginia H.
February 2017

Bryn Mawr Vet is the best! From the time we moved here when Lucy was 1 and she started coming for occasional day care, she has loved it. The attention, concern, energy, and good humor the staff shows consistently we really appreciate. (As for fun, the Halloween party is probably better than some people parties.) The front desk staff of Brie, Kimberly, and Allison, headed by Jackie, is always welcoming and goes the extra mile to answer questions and schedule our dates. They have infinite patience. Our dog does everything at Bryn Mawr Vet, including boarding, grooming with Katy, who does a great job, and, of course, her check ups with the vets. Each doctor takes special time to give feedback and advice on any possible issue. While we have been lucky so far because she is young, not to have had any big issues, I feel totally confident that when that time comes, Dr. Canter, Dr. Shekmar, and Dr. West, all of whom have done Lucy’s check-ups, will be there for her with excellent care. As well, the techs like Eugene, are totally gentle and helpful during the exams. As kennel manager, Mike always goes out of his way to make sure everything is good for all the dogs. last year when the horrible January storm hit and we were away, his only concern was for the dogs and making sure they were OK. BMV is Lucy’s home away from home and we highly recommend it to all.

Katie C.
November 2016

I have lived in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford area for many years and have not owned a pet for over 12 years. A friend of my daughter is a client of Bryn Mawr Vet and boarding and always had great things to say about their care. So when I found this lost kitty cat, who decided to make my “home” his home, it was time to make the call! I didn’t think twice because each time I drive by their offices it is a flurry of activity with Techs walking their boarders and a parking lot full of animal owners!

The staff at the front desk were all incredibly helpful and informative. Kimberly and the team got us in the next day for a wellness check up. When we arrived with Louis Vuitton aka “Louie” (13 yr old daughter named him) we were greeted expeditiously with tremendous courtesy and then escorted into the exam room. Dr. Katie Springer and Dane greeted us and were extremely thorough and caring to us but more importantly to caring for this poor lost cat. Dr Springer explained our options, gave suggestions for his care/next steps and demonstrated knowledge around the various financial implications to understand this cats medical history . She was calm and a very kind individual which was felt by myself and “Louie” ( because he actually laid down and didn’t move).

While “Louie” is now having an extended vacation/boarding stay due to an elective observation situation, I feel 100% comfortable with the team of Vets, the Technicians and the Front desk team. There was absolutely: NO high pressure sales or pushing me to spend unnecessary money, NO rushing me out so she could see the next patient and NO talking over my questions. Instead she had a focused attention with a true love for she/ they do each day as they care for these furry lovable creatures.

While I do not know yet if we are going to adopt this little guy, I definitely wanted to post a huge thank you to the entire staff of Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital for making a difficult scenario much less stressful due to their overall kindness everyone exhibited. On behalf of my family and Louis “Louie” Vuitton…..Thank you! Oh, and Louie sincerely apologizes for his bad display of behavior when he decided to scratch and inflict his temper onto a handful of your staff members! He sincerely regrets that he temporarily lost his manners.

The Guillory Family & Louis “Louie” Vuitton
July 2016

These are the VERY BEST people. The Doctors are so knowledgeable and kind, the Techs are gentle and really know their business, the Kennel Staff superb (and strong!!) and those in the Reception area are welcoming and gracious and efficient. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my animal care. Many thanks to all of you.

Mimi O
Newtown Square
April 2016

Since 1982 we have taken our dogs to Bryn Mawr Animal Hospital for care. During those years our dogs, had they been able to communicate it themselves, would have raved about the incredibly humane treatment they received and continue to receive. Linda and I thank the staff for their dedication in treating each animal that walks through the front doors of BMVH.

Linda and Gary B
January 2016

I brought my cat to Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital, what a great experience! Everyone working there was extremely nice, I felt comfortable as soon as I entered the building. The exam was very thorough, the Dr. answered all the questions I had, and I was relieved to see how well my cat behaved (not always the case). If you live in the area, I highly recommend this vet!

Tim M.
March 2015

I moved from out of state and found this vet 5 years ago and they have been like a second family to my two Rottweiler’s. Both of my dogs have had serious illnesses that require monthly treatment, strict diets, checkups and follow up. BMVH diagnosed both dogs with their illness immediately and provided spot on treatment for each. The doctors at BMVH have stayed after hours to provide service, talked me through issues on weekends and nights and have provided me with the specific training I need to maintain the dog’s health. However, the main reason I love the BMVH, is the service team of professionals that work at the front desk, the care takers and the vet techs.

The hospital has very little employee turnover, which is great because the staff not only knows your animal but gets to know you really well. That makes you so much more comfortable when having to make choices or difficult decisions. I actually bring the dogs to BMVH when we don’t have appointments, just to say hello and for them to get some love from the staff. They have a very extensive and informative website and a fun interactive Facebook page where I have won discount coupons on trivia and more importantly, have a space where I can provide photos of my dogs for everyone to see.

The hospital itself is clean, my pet’s records are kept immaculate and there is enough staff to help you with a very minimal wait.

Bring your animals to the BMVH only if you want a place that feels comfortable, has a family environment, diagnosis problems effectively and is fair priced.

Rob D., Taylor and Tyson
April 2014

I highly recommend Bryn Mawr Vet to everyone! The vets and staff are amazing! Nicole, the vet tech is the best! The vets are very thorough and helpful. Most of the doctors have been there for years. The entire staff takes the time to get to know you as a person. Dr. West does not push for medication or surgery, which I love. He actually found cancer in one of my cats, and luckily all we had to do was remove the tumor. Dr. West saved my cat from having to go through chemo or radiation. I have a survivor thanks to him! I could go on and on about each vet, but that would take up too much of your time! Please call them at 610-527-3484 to make your pet’s appointment.

March 2013

We take our Boxer Xena and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gatsby to the Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital and are very happy with the care they receive. You can see the care given in a video my husband put up on YouTube, just search Main Line Pets in Google Video.

I have found that Both Dr. Cantner and Dr. Shekmar to be caring considerate and knowledgeable. I think that they are the best on the Philadelphia Main Line for my dogs!

Mary Beth
Bryn Mawr
August 2012

I would rate them highly. They are just the best I have ever had. They are loving and attentive to the pets. I have taken my dogs there for close to 20 years now. They saved my pets endless of amounts of time. They always take me right away if there is something urgent. I leave my pets there if I am going away. I just cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Their service is excellent. I would use them again in the future.

April 2012

I rescue dachshunds and have been taking them to BMVH for over 20 years. I have had dogs with severe chronic ailments, and through the doctor’s tests and recommendations, they have been brought back to great health. I recently had to have one of my guys put to sleep, and the compassion which was given to me by both doctors and staff has left me with a beautiful moment of his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. All I can say is…you pay for what you get.

If you want your dogs to be healthy and live to the golden age of 16, then I suggest taking them to Bryn Mawr Vet Hosp!

Lower Merion
December 2011

I was referred to BMVH from a co-worker. I have been going to BMVH for almost two years now and couldnt be more happy with the service I recieve. They go the extra step to make sure my dog is receiving the best care possible! My Leo is an English bulldog so for some procedures (like neutering) it calls for extra special attention due to the bulldogs smushed faces and small trechia. I don’t feel like I would trust Leo to be taken care of at any other hospital. The staff have also been very helpful with informing me about Pet insurance ( I use VPI now) and taking care of filling out all of my claim forms for me. As for the other reviews on the hospital about price, I feel like BMVH prices are comparable to other hospitals in the area. I pay for my services at the hospital with the confidence that I know he is getting the best care in the area without ever feeling like they are charging me for things I don’t need.

Samantha Holmes
April 2011

My Boxer had a nasty problem that I won’t go into, but I called Bryn Mawr Vet. They got me an appointment that morning and Dr. Cantner explained the problem with my Dog. They had to operate and keep her for a few days, so I asked how much it would cost. They took the time to explain the options and I did not think it was more expensive than my previous vet, especially considering that they bathed her and babysat her for 2 days. They also had a really nice staff, a clean facility, and they called to confirm my follow up appointment. My physician could learn a few things from them.


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