Dog Training

Classes center around an open-minded approach for each individual in the training course and the trainers design the course for different needs and personalities. Using the principle of you becoming a calm, confident pack leader, we use positive and negative reinforcement to achieve each family’s goal(s). Each dog and person is different, and we keep that in mind when developing the best training program for you.

Puppy Socialization and Training Classes

We believe it is crucial to expose your puppy to a variety of experiences in order to develop him/her into a well-rounded adult.  Our puppy classes provide socialization for your pup in group classes as well as detailed homework outside of class. We will also go over the basics of obedience and help teach your new family member all the necessary manners they will need in order to live a stress-free life together.

Group Classes

We are now offering group classes at Bryn Mawr Veterinary Hospital. Join the fun with three to five other clients and their dogs, along with two professional trainers! Various levels offered from basic to advanced obedience classes- there is sure to be a class suited for you!

Private Classes

Have you been looking for one-on-one instruction to better understand your canine friend? Do you want a hands-on part in your dog’s training process? Private lessons are your answer! With classes ranging from basic obedience to behavior modification, we will work with your pet’s specific needs to insure a solution to any concerns you have.

Daycare Socialization

Do you want your pet to have other canine friends and enjoy a day at doggie daycare, but your he or she has fear or aggression towards other animals? Our trainers with work diligently with you and your dog to socialize them in different environments and situations involving other dogs. We will help your dog overcome fear or aggression and when they are ready, they will become part of our “doggie daycare family.”

Things your dog needs for their first class:

Chris the Dog Trainer
  1. Vaccine records (if not done with us). Your dog needs to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (required every 6 months.)
  2. Four or six foot leash. Please no retractable leashes.
  3. Soft, small, extremely tasty dog treats.
  4. A hungry dog that is ready to learn! We ask them to come to class on an empty stomach because the majority of the class is based around rewards and positive reinforcement (treats). A hungry dog is easily trained.

Things you need for your first class:

  1. Dress in comfortable clothing.
  2. Wear sneakers or athletic shoes. High heels or flip flops are not appropriate for various activities during class.
  3. A treat pouch or a shirt with a pocket to ensure treats are readily available.

Dog Training Class Registration (PDF)

Dog Training Liability Waiver (PDF)

About Chris

Chris Dog Trainer

Chris found his love for animals at a very early age. Growing up he was inspired by seeing his Uncle’s bird hunting dogs work, as well as training his own family dog when Chris was only 8. After high school, Chris attended Kutztown University and DuCret Schoool of Art. Following college, Chris adopted a Sharpei Bully mix named Cash, who made him realize his passion for training.

He then went on to graduate Animal Behavior College as a Certified Dog Trainer with near perfect scores. There, he studied under his Mentor Trainer, who has taught him about many different styles and methods of training. He continues his education by studying Rehabilitation of Shelter Dogs, Pet Massage, Canine Diet and Nutrition, just to name a few.

animal behavior college certified

Chris is also very inspired by many world renowned animal trainers and is always looking to advance his expertise and education by following their studies and new methods. At home, he still works with Cash in advanced obedience and off-leash training. He cannot wait to adopt and rehabilitate more pets in the future as well as continuing to obtain various certifications in the field of animal training. Chris is excited to work with you and your canine companions to achieve a happy, balanced household and life.